We take the unique qualities and expectations of our clients and turn them into works of sugar art!

 At Ellington Sweets, we do more than design cakes for special occasions; we work to cultivate relationships that extend well past the event. We take pride in addressing the needs of our clients individually. At Ellington Sweets, we are passionate about what we do! Each cake tells a story and holds cherished moments to be shared for years to come. We are inspired by the smiles and gasps of our "Ellington Sweethearts" as we present their individually hand crafted sugar pieces on their special day. 

"Thank God, I Lost my Job!

I've always baked. Baking cakes and making desserts was my "covered dish" at potlucks and family gatherings. I never thought of baking as my "gift" until I was laid off my job. I had to devise a plan to supplement my income. A friend suggested I bake cakes and sell them by the slice. I thought to myself, that means no cute suits and fancy hairdo's; My hair will be in a ponytail; I'll be covered in flour and smell like vanilla bean all day...Ill be the cafeteria lady!

After a successful cake slice run, things got interesting. I was asked to make a cake for a relative. I couldn't even pronounce fondant. and I had absolutely no concept of gumpaste and its purpose; I was a master of buttercream though! 

I've never ran from a challenge, so I accepted the order (with my overly ambitious self). The request was simple (no such thing); a pillow cake with gold trimming, tassels and a gold shoe. Oh yeah.... A three dimensional #21... I thought to myself, really? Can we just make a sheet cake with buttercream and a pretty shell border? I thought sure, I can paint the border gold and purchase some plastic kids dress- up shoes. Unfortunately that was not what she had in mind. I reached out to my kids, who introduced me to "YouTube" University. That order really got things cooking with this "cake thang!"

So here we are years later. Yes, I'm still covered with flour, smelling like vanilla and wearing a ponytail. I've discovered my gift though! With the blessings of God, I've been able to put smiles on some sweet faces and exceed several expectations! I've been trusted with a lot of weddings and some momentous occasions....THANK GOD I LOST MY JOB!